H I G H E R   E D U C A T I O N

Panel Speakers on Best Practices in Collaborative Research & Teaching in Higher Education

General Education Courses

Dr. David Michael San Juan

Full Professor, Departamento ng Filipino / GE Filipino

Dr. Mark Anthony Dacela

Associate Prof. Lecturer, Department of Philosophy / GE Ethics

Dr. Marlon Delupio

Associate Professor, Departamento ng Kasaysayan / GE Readings

in Philippine History

Dr. Johann Vladimir Jose Espiritu

Associate Professor, Departament of Literature / GE Art Appreciation

Dr. Ederlina Nocon

Associate Professor, Mathematics & Statistics Department / GE Mathematics & The Modern World



Dr. Cheryll Ruth Soriano

Full Professor, Department of Communication 

Dr. Benito Teehankee

Full Professor, Management & Organization Department

Dr. Myla Arcinas

Chair & Associate Professor, Behavioral Science Department

Dr. Chona Abeledo

Associate Professor,

Biology Department 

Dr. Sterling Plata

Associate Professor, Department of English & Applied Linguistics


Graduate Courses & Research Collaboration

Dr. Michael Angelo Promentilla

Full Professor, Chemical Engineering Department

Dr. Ethel Chua Joy Ong

Associate Professor & Senior Researcher, Center for Language Technologies, AdRIC

Dr. Rochelle Irene Lucas

Chair & Associate Professor, Department of English & Applied Linguistics

Dr. Raquel Sison-Buban

Graduate Program Coordinator & Associate Professor, Departamento ng Filipino

Dr. Julio C. Teehankee

Full Professor, International Studies Department

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